Session Leaders 2016

Mark LuterMark Luter. Mark graduated bachelor degree (2010, Tartu University) and MA degree in 2015 in semiotic studies in field of cultural antropology. During ten years he had developed a lot of youth educational programs connected to Zionism. More than this he was chosen as the last Baltic States commander of Beitar movement. And still he is working in the sphere of informal Jewish education.
MitjaMitja Jeraj, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor at GEA College, Faculty of Entrepreneurship.  He is a researcher in the field of entrepreneurship, management, and organizational sciences. His main research interests include entrepreneurship as a broad field of research, entrepreneurial curiosity and other entrepreneurial personalities, relations between entrepreneurship and economic growth, relations between entrepreneurship and unemployment, connection between entrepreneurship and development of sport etc. His research focuses also on management at small and medium enterprises, on cost management and on development of the organization over the time. He has authored and co-authored and present papers on conferences and published papers in different scientific journals.He is active also in the entrepreneurship since he is currently a co-founder of enterprise JPO Ltd. His start-up deals with the development of an innovative system for better sleeping and waking up. Additionally he is a head of marketing in a company Elsing Inzeniring Ltd. as an outside cooperator. Previously he worked in sectors such as R&D, as business advisor, at logistic etc. in different companies. Mitja is empathic, proactive and entrepreneurial, efficient, excellent at soft skills, and determined and precise by his work
FB_IMG_1441726586018Rabbi Tyson Herberger is a modern Orthodox rabbi serving the Baltics through his relationship with the Estonian Jewish Community. He not only studies Torah and fights for a better world; but also loves a good hike, a cup of coffee, a whisky, cooking shabbat dinner and reading the news. Originally American, Rabbi Tyson was ordained in Israel after completing his IDF service. Previously a communal rabbi in Poland, now he lives with his wife and daughter in Oslo where he has a double life as a PhD student when not rabbi-ing. His Jewish interests are mostly in Jewish-nonJewish relations, gender issues, and modern developments in halacha.
KarpenkoDmitry Karpenko  (Russia) – cantor of Moscow Progressive Jewish community and a professional musician. In 2004-2005 he studied at the Hebrew Union College (Jerusalem) in the class of Professor Eliyahu Shleifer. Teaches the course of the Jewish liturgy in “Mahon”. Leads Bar- Bat- Mitzvah training courses. Dmitry regularly participates in seminars, holds services and workshops in communities in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and the Baltic states. Music for the prayers – it’s the music of the heart.
13227388_1119482828094429_8068717255055021867_o Anna Keinan was born in Belarus and in mid-90′s moved to Israel being part of Na’aleh project. Anna is a graduate of Israeli hi-school, IDF, Tel-Aviv University with Diplomacy.  For a decade has been working in Jewish unformal education, conducting such projects as Taglit-Birthright and MASA. Nowadays works as a first secretary of the Embassy of Israel in Belarus, Lithuania and Latvia, resides in Minsk. Married to Ray, mother of Eden and Tami.
Lensky1Ilya Lensky (Latvia) graduated from University of Latvia, History. Ilya is a member of Ministry of Culture Advisory Council on National Identity and Society Integration, and member of the board of Center of Judaic Studies, University of Latvia. Since 2008 – director of the museum „Jews in Latvia”.
Roman ShvecRoman Shvets. For past 10 years working in IT. Worked as web developer, Team lead, CTO and Founder. Currently maintain large online business project. Specialized on backend development and business optimizations.
Zenja TammeZenja Tamme.  Since 2003 he has been working in the sector of informal Jewish education as the coordinator of various workshops and camps. Work experience includes a job as a chief waiter and senior manager in the major restaurants in Tallinn, Moscow, London and Sydney. Was owner of restaurants „Vennad“ and „Kwakinn“. Member of Baltic Jewish Network program committee. Starting from 2002 leading music games on various local and international events.
Misha LevinMichael Levin – graduated from Vilnius Conservatory and Vilnius College, specialty – dance teacher. Participating in a choreographic project«Vilniaus baletas» since 2001, he became the soloist in 2003. Since 1999 he has been working with children. In 2007 he worked for the television project«Aistringi sokiai» («Passionate Dance”). In 2000-2006 participated in international theater project against violence and racism in Germany«Instant acts». Passion for body and soul–Salsa and Tango!
36573_3939407092611_655999260_nSheila Eizensharf. Born in Israel, lives in Latvia for many years. Graduated from Riga International School of Economics and Business Administration, faculty of Business Psychology. Volunteers in Riga Jewish community as a student program organizer, Israeli dance teacher and youth leader.
600968_2943937777800_130354556_nPavel Guliakovrecieved bachelor degree in 2012 at International School of Business and Low, studied Tourism and Hotel Management. Over the last 5 years have worked in different fields and got versatile experience. Currently working in Lithuanian Jewish community as a youth program coordinator. Interested in sports and bookmaking.
stand up newRiga Stand Up – the largest regular stand-up comedy show in Riga and the most developed union of stand-up comedians in the Baltics. Each month they organize various comedy performances in Riga and other cities, as well as participate in a large number of events as guest performers. Some of the comedians have more than 10 years of experience in entertainment industry.
vortex1DJ Vortex, also known as Eduard. Interest in pursuing the DJ carrier started from childhood, listening radio shows, DJ sets and recording own mix tapes. Finished DJ courses in 2005, and started playing in club Larocca one the biggest clubs in Latvia. Since then made it hot in various clubs like  «Push», «Just», « Maitai », «Friends», «T73» and counting!
Riga Bis 3

Riga Bisquits is a function band, that specializes in soul, funk, disco and soft jazz music. The repertoire includes a wide variety of popular songs in English and French. Professional musicians and soulful female vocal will provide your event with nice, festive ambience.


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